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Explore Perry & Taylors Ltd’s meticulously crafted furniture and shelving solutions, designed with a passion for quality and excellence. Our mission is to enrich lives with stylish, high-quality offerings for homes and workspaces, promising durability, comfort, and enhanced productivity. We can deliver across the UK. Contact us today to place an order.

RBUK BOSS Garage Shelving

These sturdy, robust and versatile RBUK BOSS shelving units are ideal for use in a variety of environments, from sheds, utility rooms, garages, workshops and office spaces. The units are completely boltless and can be assembled in minutes with ease.

Twin Slot Systems

Looking for a versatile and sturdy shelving solution for your home, garage, or workplace? Look no further than our Twin Slot Upright 32mm Pitch system made in Germany. This system offers secure and flexible shelving at any height, with several slots that make it easy to set your shelf brackets to meet your specific needs.

Floating Shelves

These floating shelves are clean, modern and ideal for a wide variety of purposes and environments. Whether they’re displaying photo frames and ornaments in your living room or holding plants in your kitchen, these floating shelves provide a minimalistic but stylish solution in many scenarios.

Decorative Brackets

These decorative shelf brackets offer a traditional and contemporary shelving bracket solution that can be combined with almost any shelf board to provide a stylish yet functional storage solution for your home or office.

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